Same happening at Roxim Rd. Between NY state and Quebec.

N.A. is being invaded by folks who do not want to "MIX" with others.

Here in Toronto Ontario CHINADA for the first ever in my life and I'm 67 the subways are not safe to take.

Knife stabbings and random attacks through the roof.

My daughter does not feel safe on the subways any more.

Knife stabbings are happening all over our country because of the criminals walking in to our country.

This is the result of our little WEFer in charge.

On purpose

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Five minutes of rapid machine gun fire bursts, on target, and the jewish "migrant crisis" is over. And, The White Race, will not have the sorts of riots we see in Chicago, in every suburb in 10 years. We need a brave leader, who can see the complete emulation of the nightmare that was 1920's, Bolshevik Germany, and restore his Nation. Hail Victory.

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Mayorkas needs to be held accountable now. I do not understand how he can be so bold to lie over and over again! And be so “ insulted” by the accusations leveled on him! It’s Madness!

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what happened to all the leeches in the water,,,,,,, oh ya they joined the demonicrats with mayorkissass

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Yon is superb, and trustworthy. If he says something, he can be relied upon.

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