Watch Michael Yon on Fox & Friends

Some raw intel dropped on Fox


Shocking Yon didn’t go full ‘DeathShot’ on them in this interview from today. Let’s hope they make him a regular on the show so others can watch & learn.

Listen to Mayorkas ‘doubletalk’ in the excerpt from the video and claim he’s trying to ‘discourage’ migration flow. What he really means is that he wants to encourage the dangerous, treacherous journey through a jungle with highwaymen and, as Yon describes, other horrifying scenes taking place as a matter of official policy.

Mayorkas is indeed doing this intentionally. Not that he understands the second and third order impacts of his decisions. Or perhaps he does..and maybe that’s the point.

Original video here on Yahoo News

Michael is one of very few veteran combat journalists to embed for weeks & months at a time in faraway places, so you can understand what is actually happening on the ground. Much of his recent focus has been in the Darien Gap — the jungles of Panama, where migrants from South America pass through a jungle choke point into the arms of human smugglers and cartels.

Please support him at his Locals feed so he can continue to do this important work.

Backing this up here in case it gets nuked.