I'm part of that nuance group, although I would say I do call others 'vaccine cultists', not because I engage in 'idol worship' myself, but because it is the only plausible explanation I can present for why swathes of people will ignore evidence and invoke unevidenced *belief* in "safe and effective" parroted ad nauseam like a rehearsal script.

In terms of Trump, I agree the election is rigged, but I caveat this view with the concept all elections are rigged (anyone recall Bush vote rig?), not just in votes, but in choice. Who you get to vote for boils down to one of two not-great options.

No way Dementia Biden could naturally win based on his characteristics. At the same time, Trump financed Operation Warp Speed to the tune of billions, and had stocks and shares in Johnson & Johnson. Meanwhile Dementia Biden tried to pass vaccine mandates and tried to criminalise speech.

Like a hacksaw, the push-pull of the "two" parties cuts deep into liberty.

People must fight for their own freedom. I must politely push back on the 'terrorism' designation, however, because no Revolution is truly peaceful, and to be fair the concept of 'terrorist' was a US government invention used to designate enemies of the State, not enemies of freedom. Just ask the 'domestic terrorist' parents who fight for their children in school board meetings.

There's no peaceful placard approach to this, as J6 should have taught everybody. Rule of law is bent as traps are set up by pretend policemen faking their roles as 'protectors of liberty and freedom' whilst jackbooting and beating those peacefully asserting their rights, all for a chequebook from daddy government.

Legal cases get ground up under slow bureaucratic jurisprudence whilst corrupt judges throw everyone under the bus. Petitions are ignored, evidence is castrated, people's freedoms downtrodden by the stroke of an Executive Order pen in every State, as Senates uhm and arr over whether or not they should propose another time delay weak amendment to a thoroughly corrupt kickback bills lining their pockets with billions.

There is no vote you can cast that grants freedom, the Revolution against the Brits showed that, just short of it coming in lead casket form.

Tyrants ignore votes, peace lovers don't need it.

Falls to us all to make a stand, here and now, lest we lose it all irrevocably forever!

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Exactly why I don’t view anyone, including Trump, worthy of worship. Never bought into the idea of the over-value of any celebrity as we all are gifted in some form by God. Some are extraordinarily gifted, but in the end we are all human; and, as such, prone to failure. I look at Trump as the (known) catalyst for the resistance to the ‘deep state’ here and the cabal worldwide. He’s not the savior. Post WWII, the technological advances allowed for the programming of several generations to begin ‘celebrity worship’ so eventually the cabal puppets could use the celebrity class to push their agenda quicker, amass more influence and power. Most people who know they themselves can make good decisions on their own discount anything actors, sports, music, etc., tell them what to do and how to think. I’d venture that these same people aren’t vaccinated and knew the so-called media were liars. Great observations! God bless you!

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Worship no one and nothing save the Creator of the universe. Please, really examine the claims of Jesus Christ. Normal has left the building and is never coming back. Time is short, soon and very soon life on this planet will be unbearable for most. Read the book of Revelation. The time is now to seek the Lord while He may be found.

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Your commentary almost always makes me feel good about my choices. I worship only God, who has made Himself overly obvious and abundant in my life. I have never been impressed with those who think they are impressive, do they pay my bills. I am more convinced than ever that each of us are responsible for what occurs in our sphere influence. I cannot fight the war, just the battles.✝️🇺🇸

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You say there is no peaceful approach to this but I disagree.I think it is more important to raise the consciousness of humanity more than fixing your mind to limited vision. We don't know what will happen but we create our own realities and we need to focus on our conscious actions and be more proactive rather than just reacting to what is presented to us.Maybe in the future eventually we will be forced to make a decision but we must defend the "truth" peacefully until very end.

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Discernment is crucial within this Game , and it is one. The main objective of the Hive is to co-op your mental and physical energies. Sovereign entities are their kryptonite. This state of being cannot be co-opted and their calm focused intention is contagious. The True Believers are those, who will never be made to recognize their delusion.

Anyway, God granted discernment thru prayer and meditation is the thing, which I am most grateful for.

Great observations and intellect challenge, Michael. Prayers and Blessings upon You and your endeavor to inform!

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Great article. I admit I had to look up the word shill. Thank you!

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I love learning things from you that I would be hard-pressed to learn from anyone else.

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Excellent comment that rings true. I do not quite understand what the author is inferring about the Chinese and Taiwan. Exactly, what or who controls China?

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