“The unsuspecting general public was deceived about a matter of grave importance and is now about to feel a reverberation unlike anything it has witnessed since John wrote the book of Revelation.“

Revelations 18:23

“and the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee. For thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

‘sorceries’ directly translated from Greek ‘pharmakeia’, the source of the word ‘pharmacy’

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It's quite difficult (for me) to function amongst the normies and act as though nothing is happening. Granted, I still do things that are knowingly detrimental to my health albeit on a smaller scale; food, too much 5G, relatively sedentary lifestyle, etc. It boggles the mind that more ppl are not up in arms. Although, I wouldn't be looking for clues if I had been part of the experiment either.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

― J. Krishnamurti

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By now, everyone knows someone or knows someone who knows someone who has been substantially and negatively impacted by these injuries.

They know (maybe deep down?) but they are not acknowledging this.

I know half a dozen who are severely injured but I will address two of them:

1. Ex neighbour with heart problems after shot 2. She's told she had a genetic problem... she believes this .... then gets a booster some months later... her one hand goes numb... spreads... I got a call last week from another ex-neighbour informing me that Sharon has been told she's terminally ill due to a neuro disorder. Vaccine as the cause dismissed.

2. One of the coaches of a local semi pro hockey team - 40 yrs old -fit -gets his booster -- has a heart attack within days -- pace maker implanted. Needs a heart transplant. I was in the dressing room and this topic was mentioned -- not a word about vax involvement.

So ya everyone knows someone -- but most refuse to accept the cause of the injury is the vax.

To do so would acknowledge they have made a huge mistake (maybe they injected their kids...)

It's a dirty secret --- that cannot be allowed to see the light of day... and huge numbers of the fools keep on boosting .. because to stop would be to acknowledge they f789ed up + that the government is lying to them.

I do not believe that millions of doses are being dumped... I don't know many people who have stopped boosting. They are dutifully lining up to get the latest shot

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The vaccine has destroyed 3 parts of the 10 key parts of your immune system! But God saved people from leprosy.

These nanoparticals are self assembling structures. I am Pro Vaccine (given >250,000) in my 44 year career but Recombinants are Not the Vaccines we use to make. DONT TAKE ANYMORE VACCINES. Not any! If you step on a nail, get a shot of the antiserum but not the vaccine. I have not taken a vaccine since 2019

But they have put some of this stuff in our food. And vaccinated are getting sick they are shedding the vaccine and they shed the other illness if infectious. It is killing the kidneys, brain, cardiovascular system.

If your not vaccinated take prevention. Follow the FLCCC and get on the prevention protocol! Breath, don't wear a mask if you don't have to. We only needed to do that when we did not know. The masks do nothing with this virus except possibly make you weaker cause you cant breath as well.

The war is HERE and has been here but what makes this so deadly is about 75-76 % of people have already been shot with the bullets! They knew it was going to take 6-12 months to see the damage done!

The extinction event has started,

But Pray, Follow God, and get the protocol of prevention- it is all natural nutrition. Zinc, quecertin (blueberries, and other foods stuff) Vit C mega doses, Vit D

Is the basic stuff. Eat Good, (no bad stuff) breath, drink lots of water, rest (dont stress) have faith in God, Moderation, Exercise, Sunshine... those 8 things...


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We have been deceived for decades. VAERS only shows 1% of the total injuries and deaths from vaccines of all kinds. They paid Harvard $1 MILLION dollars to test it in 2017. And when Harvard told them the results and offered to make VAERS better? The CDC said No Thank you.

The Childhood shots, the seasonal flu shots,....we never had enough information to come to conclusions on any of them.

Many doctors, like Dr. Robert Kennedy and Dr. Mercola (Both censored by the globalist E-lite) have screamed for decades that children were getting autism and chronic autoimmune diseases from the 70 shosts they get in their childhood.

None of the Childhood vaccines were tested against a real placebo. They were only tested against other vaccines. That is not a TRIAL! These Big Pharma companies were fine with making our children sick, giving them SIDS from too many shots when they are very, very young. I think Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is just like the new one they came up with,...Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, all caused by vaccines. The old ones were no more safe than the new mRNA shots. They are all very, very bad.

But the Globalists are getting what they want from them,...they are happy to help Elderly people over the edge into death with their seasonal shots which don't even have the right flu in them most of the time. They always need more patients too,....to keep their money rolling in....sick people are a GOLD MINE!

This has all been a plan to kill, maim and depopulate the planet. And no, that's not a conspiracy, it is the truth. Just look at what they have done to every country on the planet!

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We could probably save some of the vaccinated if we were able to immediately shift to a pro-active stance and start giving them D Dimer tests to check for clotting, as well as heart screening for inflammation. Burying their heads in the sand just means more will die.

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I think what upholds the illusion of the safe COVID vaccine for most is the fact, that everyone knows many people that seem to be ok, some even after the 4th or 5th shot. It just doesn't matter if some are getting severe health issues or are even dying, as this can all be plausibly explained away as some kind of bad luck - to think otherwise would be just too disturbing. As long as there is some theoretically possible alternative explanation, no matter how constructed or bizarre an idea it might be, it will serve as tranquilizer. And of course, the more time has passed, the more artificial explanations will be spread by fact checkers to vindicate the holy vaccine. Is there even any ridiculous, hypothetical cause left yet, that was not already brought into public discourse of unexplained heart failures - from climate change to cold, humid weather, video games, garden working, lack of sleep, you name it ?

There are even articles that address the sudden increase of testes cancer in its headline that end listing common causes for this disease without mentioning any reason for the most important question - the sudden increase of incidence. It seems the media by now are building on the general stupidity and distractiveness of the standard addicted media junkies who are barely able to remember the catchy title after two sentences into the main text.

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FYI, the surge in the number of sudden athlete deaths and on-pitch collapses precedes the campaign of injection poisoning


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Very well written. Thank you.

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I’m a new subscriber...you were recommended by another Substacker. Very well articulated!

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Our “Overseers” have told us outright…


Why are we so stunned that it’s happening?

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Has anyone considered that it's the biowarfare threat by the CCP that people have long-ago quit being concerned about? It only makes sense, right? The Chinese vowed nearly 75-years ago that they would "take" America, without firing a single shot. Well....they've fired millions of "shots" and here we are. The CCP, combined with Klaus Schwab and his lackeys at the WEF - whose eugenecist goal of depopulating the world to maintain a maximum population of 500,000,000 made it so easy for them to take advantage of the "pandemic" and team up together to terrorize and force the general public into taking the poison (manufctured in China) that multiplies in their bodies...clogs up their veins & arteries with a fibrous, rubbery material, and is causing heart problems and a multitude of other devastating health issues. Bless their hearts...the innocent victims who believed "their" sources now really don't WANT to hear the truth. Neither would I...since it's pretty much irreversible damage. Watch the documentary "Died Suddenly" 😭

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"In terms of the usefulness of any injection of this nature wouldn’t transmissibility rank second, behind only concerns such as ‘safety,’ ‘efficacy,’ and most importantly ‘mortality?’"

We* need to look at this event from the Right Perspective... The Perspective of the Secular Ruling Families & Billionaires, the ones responsible for the deployment of OPERATION COVIDIUS.

And from Their Perspective the miracle mRNA toxic spew jab is a success. If indeed it starts to cause a massive annual death (>100 millions) trend then we can classify it as a "huge success".

So the simple answer to that question is, No.

*The herds of modern moron slaves

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"Humanity is on the verge of entering, perhaps, the darkest period in its existence."

No doubt this is a truly dark period. But the last 700-1000 years have been all about bespoke death. The Catholic church began its world-building efforts based on specific ways to die for specific criminal activities... including heresy spoken against it. Cardiac arrest is related to Kardia, a biblical word from the Greek meaning 'heart' (and related to the Kundalini in the Eastern doctrines).

Doctors (originally synonymous with priest class until they changed the name to 'falsified' in the 1700's) have been killing patients one way or another for the last hundred years and most of us are only just waking up to it now with the over-the-top vaccine extravaganza.

The point is, the darkest hour is just before dawn.

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How does Your enlightened stance on vaccine damage allign with maga-dom? Wouldn't it be more natural to beat the drum for De Santis?

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I'm reaching out because your publication has some fans around the Badlands Media group, and we're looking for writers for our Substack.

If you're interested in having a convo about it, Email realburningbright (at) gmail.com

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