https://rumble.com/v1uqseg-ftx-finds-ivermectin-study.html law suits will need to start at showing ivermectin worked and they knew it. That takes away the cloak of emergency use authorization

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Nov 16, 2022·edited Nov 16, 2022

The Covid operation was unleashed as the global financiers saw that they could no longer halt or even slow down the crumbling of the economies of the West.

One of the numerous aspects of the Covid operation is to invent a new market for Pharmaceuticals. It is impossible to underestimate the value that Pharma and the medical cartel bring to these financial parasites.

Pharma and the "health management system" in the US is the largest sector of the economy. The problem for Pharma is that they need new diseases (which they create with their products) and blockbuster drugs to continue their Ponzi schemes. Vaccines play an enormous role in this as they are one of the largest ROI "drugs" in the Pharma playbook.

However vaccines traditionally have two problems:

a) Money must be paid out for all the damages they cause- that was taken care of with The Prep Act;

b) Lengthy time to get through trials which eat up a lot of money- that was just taken care of with the Covid operation and the introduction of the mRNA "technology" as a "solution" to the need for lengthy trials.

The plan is for the mRNA "vaccine" cash cow to be much bigger than Covid. The plan is to use similar mechanisms against any viral pathogen in existence and now that they've gotten the tech to market they'll start going down the list.

Governments will try to mandate the shots (or short of that, will use every form of coercion available to them) for entire populations. Every human being on earth, every human body to be an endless source of revenue. It's going to be a subscription model for endless mRNA injections. We are to become human pincushions in order to line the pockets of The Pharma Cartel.

The numbers and degreee of adverse effects has thrown a wrench into the works. It was not planned that they would be that toxic. They will offer up future mRNA "biomedical miracles" as a "solution" to the ills they have creared.

All they know is profit and poison.

It's a war against the people.

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Vaccine fatigue (ie. no longer giving a shit) will set in at some point. A pragmatic anti-vaxxer mentality will arise whereby few will accept any medical intervention of any stripe whatsoever. And when authorities insist on mandating measures 'for your own good', well random violence against medical practitioners is the result, which is then cheered on enthusiastically. No surprise really. In fact I'm feeling already rather inclined to practice a little spirited, socially coordinated, and very targeted random violence myself. But that's just me.

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