Prolonged Psychological Warfare: The Downstream Effects of Weaponized Cognitive Warfare

Peculiar similarities between the Bud Light Marketing Department & a 4Chan Cult that operate using the same underlying mechanism.


You know the rules. If I have to see it, you do too. Now watch the video above.

Demoralized, Broken, Fully Enslaved

If you are wondering what the outcome of a demoralized, broken, and fully enslaved human looks like — wonder no more. The System has created plenty of traps and pits for unassuming and unwitting victims to fall into. This categorically falls under the terminology of ‘Mind Rape.’

The short video in the post above was pulled from a publicly available Instagram feed and represents the culmination of a progressive, taxing, and insidious form of Cognitive Warfare. It is one of many videos just like it. This, of course, was conducted both against Dylan and against you.

For more information on how many young people are being deceived, trapped, and converted by this form of Cognitive Warfare, see the video & analysis below.

“If you can’t get a girlfriend, become the girlfriend.”

In this video, what you are seeing revealed is the practice of ‘cult formation’ — in which the creator painstakingly delves into the mechanics of precisely what techniques more than one individual (so, they conspired) successfully used to coerce behavior from subjects (victims.)

Many of the concepts & frameworks that were applied to the individuals being victimized in the inner mechanics of this ‘cult’ are being applied by common public relations, marketing, communications, sales professionals, and branding ‘professionals’ today — against young people. The plot twist is that many in the professional class themselves have undergone a different, yet similar, demoralization process.

One process by which this demoralization takes place is simply by way of the repetition itself. It is a self-feeding mechanism, whereby something is ‘elevated’ as an ideal and witnessed by Others. The Others then continue the cycle — creating 5 more Others to follow in their footsteps.

You can witness the completion of this separate but equal demoralization process in the ramblings below from this Vice President of Bud Light.

It’s very subtle — but if you ‘play the tape’ to completion — what you will find is that this is the individual responsible for the ‘elevation’ and ‘evolution’ of Bud Light into a trojan horse brand that zeroed in on the creator of the content in the eye-bleach necessitating video from Instagram you watched above.

The appeal to victims is simple, yet multifaceted. It’s self-replicating in-group behavior and conformity to what is ‘seen’ as the ‘norm.’ It is the ‘norm’ because it is ‘seen.’ ‘Witnessing’ holds power in this respect. This VP of Bud Light ‘saw’ this type of content elsewhere, and replicated the behavior and mechanics she had seen in her branding and advertising strategies. Snake eats its own tail.

This all plays deeply into the subconscious Great Cultural Struggle taking place beneath the surface in apps like TikTok, Instagram, the other usual suspects, in public schools, on television, in ads, and so on, and so on.

The purpose of the Great Cultural Struggle?

It’s clear as day once you note the distinct overlap between the creation of the '4chan cult’ and that of the ‘Dylan Mulvaney cult.’

Below are excerpts from the YouTube video — but are just as easily be applied to the Instagram post.

In stripping away the narrow terminology such as ‘robots’ (a term applied to 4chan users) and applying the conceptual framework to that of the average Instagram user who is now being bombarded with ads that are effectively encouraging the same behavior as the predators from 4chan — and what are you left with?

… A campaign to psychologically brainwash young and vulnerable instagram viewers, TikTok users, and anyone else who views Bud Light ads that they pay for into a sick, fetishized cult.

“Was someone trying to convince, presumably, straight men to become gay?”

Yes, both the 4Chan predators & Bud Light have zoomed in on a certain focal point now. Other companies will do the same, because now they have seen it.

Is this virtual example — 4Chan — in any way substantially or materially different to Bud Light. On 4Chan, a group was psychologically attacking (in an effort to break) young, vulnerable, and lonely men in order to turn them into women. By elevating a young man who has voluntarily turned himself into a woman, isn’t Bud Light effectively doing the same thing? Yes it is.

Both Bud Light & the predators from 4chan paid money to shill a particular lifestyle on a largely unsuspecting audience.

Bud Light has plenty of money to pay shills to tell people to transition. Other companies do too.

The trick? They don’t have to come right out and say it.

People — often unsuspecting ones — simply have to witness the repetition long enough for it to stick.

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