All advertising is demoralized social engineering. Get your “They Live” glasses on: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-advertise

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De constructing society so that the overwhelming feeling of purposelessness and meaninglessness can be pacified with ( insert product or service here”)

Civilization has been reduced to a pool of mindless and moldable consumers, all with their consent through complacency and compliance.

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I have a different take. There's no bloody way in hell the trans movement is going up in nuclear flames spontaneously. This spectacular multifaceted fail [trans queen story time, grooming, shooters, klepto Biden cabinet member, woman of the years, Mrs. Universe, Caitlin Jenner, women's sports domination, Bud Lite] is a military grade PsyOp.

Why you ask?

Trans are being portrayed as people who:

✅ pretend they're something they aren't, ✅ invade spaces they don't belong in with government support,

✅ act violently against the rightfull inhabitants,

✅ play the victim card when anyone questions their motivation,

✅ have universal support of the media

Once people realize all this about trans and get angry about having been gaslit they'll be ready to reconsider another even more untouchable group that checks all the same boxes.

'We are saving Israel for last for reasons not mentioned anywhere before'

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I am glad I was not raised on social media. I did not even like talking on phones, I wanted to see your eyes. How fortunate I was to be given a strong moral base that has withstood the test of time. The destruction of the family unit has served them well.✝️🇺🇸

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It is a sick thing that if one repeats something often enough it will become ‘truth’ as the Nazi propaganda program demonstrated in the ‘30s and has continued essentially non-stop since then, ramping up exponentially with the development of TV and internet.

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Not nearly as bright as she thinks she is.

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Just nuts.

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This is what the Truth looks like. Our Congress men and women, our Federal judges, should hide in shame or come out of the shadows and join in the roar of the Truth. Those who do not need to be removed by all lawful means necessary. This is what a health democracy sounds like. Embrace it! Notice the strength and courage. Do the rest of us have what it takes, particularly our leaders? I wonder.


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