U ever read the book “things fall apart”? I didn’t. But things do fall apart and useless things never get put back together. Our era is the era of useless things. (Not useless eaters). Harari is a thing.

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USSA is a NWO FERAL DC COUP UNI-PARTY TRAITOROUS GOV. now that's the REALITY of Our Current Situation. These Ferals in the DC Swamp have been Bought & , They are Bought & Paid for; They Are Not Americans. rinoRats & democRats =Crooks & Traitors.

CYA, Conduct Yourselves Accordingly ....... or not........ Up to You........ to Survive as a Serf or as a Citizen of the Former Republic. I Spit.


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A new movie is out:

"Broke Bank Mountain" where THEY get rich and YOU get f**ked in the a**.

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