I believe this was the substack I posted on recently regarding a debilitating skin rash -often with painful blisters that I had for 13 years after stepping on a Chola Cactus barefoot. Doctors were unable to diagnose, gave steroids- that only lasted so long and they damage the skin. Then I was advised to try using apple cider vinegar it worked so some degree but burned every time you applied it. But I got temporary relief, until I recently tried ivermectin for horses - some Immediate improvements, now after 30 days, once a day I can say I am healed, only some residual skin discoloration from years of damage.

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"At least nine different peer-reviewed studies demonstrate how safe and effective ivermectin wards off the Big C, threatening the multi-billion dollar cancer industry. There are two industries, in other words, that ivermectin threatens: the covid industry and the cancer industry.

1) In 2017, research published in the journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications found that ivermectin preferentially treats renal cell carcinoma (RCC) while protecting normal kidney cells. RCC tumor growth is also delayed by ivermectin, which induces mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress while increasing mitochondrial biogenesis.

2) A year later, research published in the journal Molecular Medicine Reports found that ivermectin preferentially targets stem cell population in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells.

“Ivermectin has been demonstrated to be safe, following treatment of millions of patients with onchocerciasis and other parasitic diseases, which makes it a strong candidate for further studies investigating its potential use as a repurposed drug for cancer therapy,” reported the National Cancer Institute in Mexico City.

3) Another study published that same year in the American Journal of Cancer Research, also out of Mexico, determined that ivermectin is “a strong candidate for repositioning” as an anti-tumor remedy.

4) An earlier study published in EMBO Molecular Medicine back in 2014 similarly found that ivermectin inhibits the expression of WNT-TCF targets, which are implicated in both intestinal and lung cancers.

Ivermectin selectively inhibits TCF-dependent, but not TCF-independent, xenograft growth without causing any obvious side effects.

“In vivo, Ivermectin selectively inhibits TCF-dependent, but not TCF-independent, xenograft growth without obvious side effects. Given that Ivermectin is a safe anti-parasitic agent used by 200 million people against river blindness, our results suggest its additional use as a therapeutic WNT-TCF pathway response blocker to treat WNT-TCF-dependent diseases including multiple cancers,” researchers wrote.

Ivermectin works wonders against cancers of all types

5) In 2020, research published in Pharmacological Research identified ivermectin as a drug that promotes the death of cancer cells by regulating the tumor micro-environment in breast cancer.

Ivermectin also preferentially targets leukemia cells at low concentrations while leaving normal hematopoietic cells alone. The drug also targets various ovarian cancer cells lines and also inhibits the proliferation of five renal cell carcinoma cell lines without affecting normal kidney cells.

6) Also in 2020, a study published in the EPMA Journal found that ivermectin hits specific targets in ovarian cancer, suppressing ovarian cancer cells. The drug worked so well that researchers said it can be used to make personalized drug therapy, also known as predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine (PPPM), for ovarian cancer.

7) Researchers from the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia in Mexico City discovered that same year that ivermectin reduces both cell viability and colony formation capacity while fighting against tumors.

8) In 2021, research published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology concluded that ivermectin increases ROS production and inhibits the cell cycle in the S phase to inhibit colorectal cancer cells.

9) Also in 2021, research published in the journal BMC Cancer found that ivermectin inhibits the proliferation of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) cells by inducing mitochondrial dysfunction, suppressing NF-?B signaling and promoting apoptosis.

As you can see, ivermectin is something of a wonder drug when it comes to cancer. This is precisely why it is off-limits, and why Americans need to speak out and start demanding access to this inexpensive, life-saving medication.

More related news coverage can be found at Cancer.news."

for more interesting info see see also https://dorotazielinska.substack.com/p/badanie-activ-6-krok-po-kroku-czyli and here https://dorotazielinska.substack.com/p/kolejne-sfaszowane-badanie-iwermektyny

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I hope the liquid injectable for cattle is safe (Noromectin)... My husband and I have been using it prophylactically since 2021. (CA life! 😵‍💫) Hubby uses it for jab side effects of Parkinson's like symptoms. He went from not functioning, not walking, not tracking mentally to back to about 70% functioning. It did take about 3 months and he did have to retire from nursing. My rosacea is much better and I never have lice when the grands bring them home. (Community and school is full of them!) We did catch COVID this year, but immediately started the FLCCC protocols and IVM and we were better very quickly, but did have some fatigue for a while afterwards. I am hopeful IVM is helpful for cancer, as I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. I did have the lumpectomy and margin surgery, but opted for following a naturopath's advice.

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Prior to the Plandemic being foisted upon us I used to get cold sores once or twice a year. Then I got COVID in late 2020 and treated with Ivermectin. Was better in just a few days. My NP told me to continue to take IVM to help my body clear the spike and I have continued taking it twice weekly since then. I have not have a cold sore in 2 years now. Perhaps the antiviral properties of IVM tamp down the herpes simplex virus, also?

I have a male friend who is 77-years-old and who has been taking IVM daily now for three months for enlarged prostate. His PSA is down and his prostate has reduced in size. It’s a darn wonder drug it seems especially for cancers. Loads of studies and trials were done. And that’s exactly why Pharma has condemned it. Don’t want to eat into their profits by keeping people sick!

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Praziquantel is another type of wormer, used to treat/kill tapeworms in cats, dogs, horses, etc - probably humans too. The Zimecterin horse wormer “paste” is actually not applied to the skin - it’s given by mouth to horses. There are a multitude of brands/mixes of it. As you mentioned, it’s important to see what the “other” ingredients are - sometimes other wormers are included (as shown with the dog heartworm meds) and sometimes other ingredients/oils etc may be included that wouldn’t be considered human grade. I have heard Mike Adams (Brighteon.com and Natural News) discuss how he uses liquid ivermectin (for cattle I believe) to treat himself and his dogs. The correct dose needs to be calculated as it’s a super tiny amount...it’s also super cheap, lasts forever and doesn’t require a prescription.

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Thank you for this wonderful information! I've saved it! How difference our world would be if we could be free to use this miracle cure for all its purposes! There are doctors like the FLCCC.net ones who incorporate it an give specific dosage. I wonder if those doses apply to most conditions? Needed are the ones for cancers and other very serious disease! And doctors who know how to use it!

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Praziquantel is used with “Fresh water” worms like from snails and contamination via fresh unclean water. These worms attack the intestines and this drug /Praziquantel/works by causing severe spasms and paralysis of the worms' muscles. Praziquantel is an anthelmintic used in most schistosome and many cestode infestations. Praziquantel effects the permeability of the cell membrane resulting in the contraction of schistosomes. These alterations are accompanied by an increased exposure of schistosome antigens at the parasites surface. The worms are then either completely destroyed in the intestine or passed in the stool.

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Thank you very much.

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Praziquantel – for flukes and tapeworms.

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