Pandemic, Famine, War

Jan 6, 2023

Filmed live in The HighWire studio on Thursday, January 5th 2023.

You must watch this Michael Yon interview in full.

Set aside an hour and hash it out — research these topics as you go.

Key concepts:

Nitrogenous fertilizers — Nordstream

Europe, Asia — the disintegrating components

PanFaWar - Pandemic, Famine, War

HOP - Human Osmotic Pressure (drivers of migration)

Information Warfare

Atomization of society

WEF Cult - Control over governments

Tri-state city - Netherlands, Belgium, Germany — Superstate

SRD — Substitution, Replacement, Disruption of food supply

DIY PhD program in ‘Famineology’

The Rape of the Mind

Networking & community building


Too many other topics covered to list — well worth listening to in full.

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