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Matt Bracken on Major War Escalation in Ukraine

How rapidly is the war in Ukraine really escalating? Are Ukrainian soldiers using gas against Russian soldiers? Who will notice, and what will they do as a result?

Matt Bracken is a former Navy SEAL officer who led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon in 1983. Now an author and expert in trend analysis, he has identified a flashpoint in the Ukraine crisis that few others have caught wind of just yet.

You can find his site here:

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

For several days, videos have been circulating across social media platforms where footage of the Ukraine v Russia conflict are often shared. This particular video shows a soldier being hit by some type of drone launched canister that falls just several yards away. The soldier is then seen flopping in a shallow waterway after inhaling whatever substance was released by the canister.

This video was picked up & shared across many OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) channels where you can view plenty of other WWI-style battles taking place on the frontlines. While often the videos are being released in real-time — it can take days, weeks, or months for a full response to occur.

The video poses many questions:

What is in the canister that the drone drops?

Who prepared it?

Where did the order come from?

Is this not simply more propaganda footage?

If this is a multi-faceted, complex psychological operation, is the intended effect being achieved?

Why does this all feel like Syria v2.0?

These are all important questions — and there are many more.

In any case, Russian state media is using this and other bits of information (the overt use of Nazi symbolism, particularly the Iron Cross painted on both Ukrainian armor & German Leopard tanks) as justification for a massive escalation in the war, coming soon.

You can read more about the escalatory path here:

A common assertion is that there is a ‘fake war’ taking place.

It is a very real war, with all that comes along with it.

It just doesn’t seem ‘real’ to many people because it’s not in their backyard yet.

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